My name is Daniela Padilla but I go by Dani. I live in Tucson, Arizona and have lived here my entire life although both of my parents are immigrants from Mexico. I go to Marana High School, Class of 2018.

I have some idea of what I want to do with my future but nothing is set yet. I want to major in Engineering. I’m between Mechanical and Computer Engineering  right now. I would love to study at Stanford, but I would like to study anywhere in California really. I am a part of Upward Bound and although I am not in any clubs, I am also a part of a cosmetology program that I go to every day for 3.5 hours after school (except Fridays, and Sundays).

In my free time, I love to draw. Nothing relaxes me more and makes me as happy as when I’m drawing and listening to music. I also love to volunteer wherever I can but I haven’t been able to volunteer as much as I’d like this year.

I don’t have many academic achievements but being a College Prep Scholar is definitely the most outstanding. I have a 4.0 unweighted GPA and a 4.26 weighted. I am ranked 16 out of 550 in my class. I have not taken the SAT or ACT yet but I plan to in June. I was also nominated for the National Hispanic Recognition Program for my PSAT score.

I am going into the college admissions process hopeful and scared. I am planning on applying for the College Match and will apply through Regular Decision if I am not chosen. I am excited to share my experiences with you and hope that maybe I help you in some way.

If you have an questions or want to contact me, my email is


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